Before you make a repair request, read through the information below.

Toilet & Drain Problems

If your toilet isn't flushing properly...

You can normally fix this pretty easily using a plunger. If you don't have a plunger, you can purchase one from a hardware store or big box chain.

Simply press the plunger over the drain hole and push firmly up and down to create pressure in the pipe. This should help move anything stuck in the system.


If your shower or sink drains aren't emptying, you can attempt to remove the blockage using a manual drain cleaner. You can purchase these plastic tools from most hardware stores. You may also want to try a liquid drain cleaner, though caution should be exercised to make certain you don't use corrosive chemicals. These could damage your plumbing system.

Electrical Issues

If you lose power in your property, make certain the breaker hasn't tripped accidentally. If the circuit breaker is in the OFF position, flip it back to ON.

If this doesn't resolve your problem, call your electrical company directly to see if they can help you find a solution. There may be an issue with your account or outages in your area.

Hot Water Shortages

Don't have enough hot water in your rental home? Locate the tank and check the settings for the temperature controls. Are all settings accurate? Is the hot water heater operating in vacation mode?

If you have a gas-powered heater, you should also verify that the pilot light is lit.

No Heat or Air Conditioning

If your heat or air conditioning isn't working properly, make certain all settings on your thermostats are correct. You can also turn the system on and off to attempt to reset the defaults.

My maintenance issue is an emergency!

In a true emergency, call 911 for first responder assistance. For maintenance emergencies, call us directly.

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