As a Landlord, Jacksonville Property Management Starts with a Few Key Steps

By Green River Property Management | August 29, 2019

Don't Fear Your Investment—Conquer It!

The Jacksonville area is a great one for potential real-estate investors: the Jacksonville metro area has grown by about 20% in the past decade, and the region continues to see growth each year of about 2%. Job growth is predicted to be strong in the years to come. If you’ve found that you’re interested in getting into real-estate investment—or if you’ve become a landlord unexpectedly—you’ve made a sound investment decision. 

Your first few months as a landlord can be challenging or even a little frightening; you might have seen other landlords who seem to have things handled with confidence and wonder "How?" They were once in your shoes, and much of that confidence has been hard-earned! Here are a few things to consider to bring that kind of confidence into your own investment property.

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A Jacksonville FL Property Manager Knows How to Handle Challenging Tenants

By Green River Property Management | August 15, 2019

Good Tenants Gone Bad: A Landlord's Nightmare

Everyone's heard the old story about how a frog tossed into a pot of boiling water will immediately try to escape, while a frog placed in a pot of lukewarm water slowly brought to a boil will remain oblivious to the end. This story may sound a little bit familiar to you as a Jacksonville area landlord: you’ve no doubt encountered more than your share of tenants that are like that pot of boiling water. You take one look and want to escape right away—but it can be harder to know what to do with tenants that start as ideal renters that slowly raise the heat.

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An Expert Property Manager Weighs in on Evictions in Jacksonville FL

By Green River Property Management | August 8, 2019

Safeguarding Your Investment with Tenant Replacement

Whether you are new to real estate investment or you’ve been at it for a while, you’ll no doubt find that tenant problems are some of your most frustrating. You’ll likely encounter weather-related property damage or maintenance issues, but these won’t come with the same personal touch that problematic tenants will bring to your experience as a landlord. These issues may be something you can resolve relatively quickly, but you may also find yourself in a worst-case scenario where you’ve decided that a problem has become severe enough that eviction is your only recourse. 

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An Expert Property Manager View on Broken Leases in Jacksonville FL

By Green River Property Management | August 1, 2019

When Promises—and Leases—Are Broken

Among the many problems you may encounter as a Jacksonville area landlord, tenant challenges are chief among them. You may meet tenants that are a challenge to communicate with, tenants that struggle to pay rent on time, and tenants who find it impossible to keep up with their share of property maintenance.

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Forget Luck! Here's How to Find the Best Property Managers in Jacksonville

By Green River Property Management | July 25, 2019

If you’re a Jacksonville area landlord who is looking to go a little more hands-off with your properties, you may have a few good reasons. Maybe you’re a freshly-minted landlord who finds yourself a little overwhelmed with everything you're expected to manage—perhaps you’re a veteran in the industry who has reached a tipping point with the number of properties you own, and you can’t do it all yourself anymore. Maybe you own a couple of properties and are just tired of doing the work yourself. In all of these cases and more, reaching out to a good property management company can help you tackle it all! That task can be a little harder than it seems—you may be asking yourself how you can find the best property management company in the Jacksonville area. Read on for some helpful ideas.

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Fun in the Sun: Jacksonville, FL Properties Are a "Hot" Investment!

By Green River Property Management | July 18, 2019

Whether you're a new transplant, a long-time resident, or an outside investor and you're looking around the Jacksonville area for your next investment property, you've made a smart decision! As one of the more appealing real estate markets in the country right now, the Jacksonville area is a great place to invest for many reasons—don't miss out on the opportunity to own your slice of sunshine! Here are five good reasons why you should consider the Jacksonville area for your next investment.

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Saying "Farewell" to Troublesome Tenants—the Right Way

By Green River Property Management | July 11, 2019

As a Jacksonville area landlord, you are no doubt going to run into some common challenges that every landlord faces at some point in their investment careers. Maintenance problems, damage to your properties, or tenants that don’t quite get the memo are some of the more basic issues you might encounter. If you run into enough trouble with tenants, you may also have to face the unfortunate scenario of deciding to evict them from your property. Eviction can be a challenging process as both a personal conflict and a legal challenge; you’ll want to take specific steps to be sure that you handle the proceedings correctly and document everything—or the situation could get ugly.

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Home Makeover: The Best Rental Upgrades in Jacksonville

By Green River Property Management | June 13, 2019

As a property owner in Jacksonville, are you doing everything you can to maximize the appeal of your rental? Are you considering what your property has to offer and wondering how to make it more marketable?

You may be thinking that to upgrade your property, nothing short of a major remodel will do, and you want to stay with the bounds of your market. However, there are some updates you can do easily to help your property reach its true potential!

Here are few ideas to consider that won’t cost you much over time and can help take your rental to the next level. We’ll start high and bring the price down as we go!

Stepping up your game
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A Landlord's Stress-Free Guide to Property Inspections

By Green River Property Management | June 6, 2019

As a landlord in the Greater Jacksonville area, your job is a busy one! There’s a lot that goes into successfully managing your properties. One of the most important things that you’ll need to do is keep up with regular property inspections.

Keeping an eye

Inspecting your properties puts you in a position to set expectations for your tenants up front and hold them accountable for the state of the property when they move out, even with great tenants. Regardless of your level of experience, you may have some questions about how and when to go about regular property inspections. We’ll provide you with some general guidelines in the paragraphs ahead.

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When Allowing Pets in Your Rental Makes Good Sense

By Green River Property Management | May 30, 2019

You have a strict no-pet policy for your rental properties. 

You don't want to deal with the pet hair, smells, or stains they leave behind. Pets cause damage to property. It's hard to find good tenants after a pet has lived in your property. 

Those are all excellent reasons to have a no-pet policy as a landlord. Should you reconsider it?

You might find some benefits to allowing renters with pets. If you have a multi-family property, you should definitely consider how strict you want to be about pets. About 70% of apartment renters have pets. 

Should you allow pets when considering your policies for property management in Jacksonville, FL? Here are a few things to consider when it comes to renters who own animals. 



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