An Expert Property Manager for Jacksonville FL Rental Properties Knows: Inspect Often!

By Green River Property Management | August 22, 2019

An Inspection Is Protection—for You and Your Investment!

As a Jacksonville area landlord, you have a lot of competing demands on your time:

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Beat the Heat: The Essential Summer Landlord Checklist

By Green River Property Management | June 20, 2019

Summer is fast approaching, and a Florida summer brings its own set of challenges. As a landlord in the Greater Jacksonville area, you’ll need to prepare for some summertime property maintenance pitfalls.

Heat, humidity, and a range of pests might have you a little anxious about this season, but don’t sweat it! We’ll provide you with a helpful list of things to think about when preparing your property for summer.

Beat The Heat
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A Landlord's Stress-Free Guide to Property Inspections

By Green River Property Management | June 6, 2019

As a landlord in the Greater Jacksonville area, your job is a busy one! There’s a lot that goes into successfully managing your properties. One of the most important things that you’ll need to do is keep up with regular property inspections.

Keeping an eye

Inspecting your properties puts you in a position to set expectations for your tenants up front and hold them accountable for the state of the property when they move out, even with great tenants. Regardless of your level of experience, you may have some questions about how and when to go about regular property inspections. We’ll provide you with some general guidelines in the paragraphs ahead.

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