A Jacksonville FL Property Manager Knows How to Handle Challenging Tenants

By Green River Property Management | August 15, 2019

Good Tenants Gone Bad: A Landlord's Nightmare

Everyone's heard the old story about how a frog tossed into a pot of boiling water will immediately try to escape, while a frog placed in a pot of lukewarm water slowly brought to a boil will remain oblivious to the end. This story may sound a little bit familiar to you as a Jacksonville area landlord: you’ve no doubt encountered more than your share of tenants that are like that pot of boiling water. You take one look and want to escape right away—but it can be harder to know what to do with tenants that start as ideal renters that slowly raise the heat.

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Vital Tips and Tricks Every Landlord Should Know

By Green River Property Management | June 27, 2019

As a landlord in the Jacksonville area, you know it isn’t always an easy way to make a living. The job comes with several challenges which you’ll encounter whether you’ve just stepped into the game or you’ve been a landlord for years.

Regardless of how long you’ve been at it, there is always something new to learn. Here a few simple tips and tricks that you can put into practice now to make your job easier and more rewarding!

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