A Professional Maintenance Staff is Key to a Successful Investment

By Green River Property Management | March 14, 2019

Owning an investment property in the Jacksonville or surrounding areas can be a significant side income, a way to set aside funds for retirement, or a brand-new business venture.   But what is the best way to ensure the return on your investment?

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How to Spot Professional Tenants

By Green River Property Management | March 7, 2019



Have you heard of "professional" tenants? Beware these renters who appear too good to be true. 

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The Benefits of Hiring a Property Management Company

By Green River Property Management | February 28, 2019

One of the smartest moves you can make as a property owner is to hire a property management company. A lot of property owners who avoid hiring this type of company do so because they don’t understand how it can increase their revenue potentials. Instead, they only view hiring a property management company as an added expense. What they fail to realize is property management companies can increase revenue potentials. Most importantly, they remove much of the headache involved in owning rental units.

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The Key to Reducing Vacancies

By Green River Property Management | February 21, 2019

For those investing in real estate with the intention of renting various units to tenants, it is imperative to increase tenant retention. Many property owners have fairly short vacancy cycles, but keeping them to an absolute minimum is a guaranteed way to increase revenue potentials.

Green River Property Management specializes in a variety of aspects related to property management, and we'd like to share a helpful guide for achieving shorter vacancy cycles.

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Hiring a Property Manager? Look for These 2 Traits.

By Green River Property Management | February 14, 2019



Not just any property management company will be a good fit for your real estate investments. You want a company that is not only reliable but goes above and beyond to secure reliable tenants. Also important is to find a well-established property management company that has a long list of references.

When a property management company doesn't hold up to its end of the deal, property owners miss out on valuable income.

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Developing and Diversifying Your Rental Portfolio

By Green River Property Management | January 24, 2019

As your rental portfolio grows, managing it becomes a challenge. You want to continue to experience growth, but the objective must be to experience these increases smartly. Therefore, it may be time to enlist the help of a property management company.

They'll help you handle the details when there doesn't seem like there are enough hours in the day. We’re going to discuss how a property management company develops and diversifies your portfolio. In doing so, it will lead to passive income, time savings, and peace of mind.

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Is Hiring a Property Manager the Best Option?

By Green River Property Management | January 17, 2019

When property owners take on multiple investments, one of the most significant decisions they'll make is if they need to hire a property management company. If you only own one property, it may not be necessary.

However, if that one property is in a state where you don't reside, that's a different story. People acquire investment property for a myriad of reasons and their need for property management companies are just as varied. If you've often wondered whether you should hire a property manager, it’s essential to do some homework first.

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5 Key Marketing Benefits of Hiring a Property Manager

By Green River Property Management | January 10, 2019

Your investment can experience significant increases when you hire a competent property manager. It's for this reason many real estate investors will advise that a good management company are invaluable.

For those who aren't hands-on and would rather not work on maintenance calls, expense management, or collecting rental income, hiring a property management company is ideal. Not only will they handle these details for you but they'll also streamline your business. Here are some key marketing benefits of hiring a property manager.

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