Calling all Realtors - a Referral Program Just for You!

By Green River Property Management | February 7, 2019

We are calling all Realtors! We’ve got exciting news, and you don’t want to miss out. Green River Property Management has created its very own unique Realtor Referral Program.

Green River understands that realtors are at the heart of the real estate investment industry. It’s realtors just like you who connect investors with real estate opportunities that fuel their livelihood. But making the purchase is only a piece of the investment puzzle. Once an investor buys a piece of real estate, there’s a ton of work that goes into prepping the property and performing ongoing maintenance. This is where we come into the picture. Green River specializes in first-class property management services, and we’re always on the lookout for new clients.

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The 5 Most Common Mistakes Made by DIY Landlords

By Green River Property Management | January 31, 2019

For those who have an interest in investing in property or who are already owners, it's critical you avoid making common mistakes made by DIY landlords. We all know part of property investing is learning from mistakes. It's easy to believe managing property won't be challenging. However, many landlords discover it's more difficult than they anticipated.

Being a good landlord means understanding the legal requirements put forth by the state of Florida to protect both tenants and landlords. While some investors opt to use a property management company to handle things, many decide to rent their properties without help. It’s for that reason we’re going to discuss the most common mistakes made by DIY landlords and how to avoid them.

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How a Property Management Company Develops and Diversifies Your Portfolio

By Green River Property Management | January 24, 2019

As your rental portfolio grows, managing it becomes a challenge. You want to continue to experience growth, but the objective must be to experience these increases smartly. Therefore, it may be time to enlist the help of a property management company.

They'll help you handle the details when there doesn't seem like there are enough hours in the day. We’re going to discuss how a property management company develops and diversifies your portfolio. In doing so, it will lead to passive income, time savings, and peace of mind.

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Is Hiring a Property Manager the Best Option?

By Green River Property Management | January 17, 2019

When property owners take on multiple investments, one of the most significant decisions they'll make is if they need to hire a property management company. If you only own one property, it may not be necessary.

However, if that one property is in a state where you don't reside, that's a different story. People acquire investment property for a myriad of reasons and their need for property management companies are just as varied. If you've often wondered whether you should hire a property manager, it’s essential to do some homework first.

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5 Key Marketing Benefits of Hiring a Property Manager

By Green River Property Management | January 10, 2019

Your investment can experience significant increases when you hire a competent property manager. It's for this reason many real estate investors will advise that a good management company are invaluable.

For those who aren't hands-on and would rather not work on maintenance calls, expense management, or collecting rental income, hiring a property management company is ideal. Not only will they handle these details for you but they'll also streamline your business. Here are some key marketing benefits of hiring a property manager.

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How to Stop Dealing with Terrible Tenants

By Green River Property Management | January 4, 2019

A landlord's job is made incredibly difficult when dealing with terrible tenants. Some are careless and damage the property while others consistently pay the rent late. Some have argumentative temperaments no matter how reasonable you keep your disposition.

If you're a veteran landlord, you've probably run the gamut of types of tenants. Under most circumstances, landlords will deal with troublesome tenants. However, there are ways to stop dealing with terrible tenants and attempt to develop positive relationships.

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10 Tips For Handling Property Maintenance

By Green River Property Management | November 26, 2018

Handling property maintenance requests can be one of the more stressful aspects of managing rental properties.

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5 Ways To Retain Great Tenants

By Green River Property Management | October 9, 2018

Rental properties can be a great way for you to generate an extra stream of income each month. While this is a great way to get ahead financially, you need to know what you are getting yourself into. One of the biggest issues with owning rental properties is vacancy in your rental property. One of the best ways to combat against vacancy in your rental property is to retain great tenants. This is also a good way of ensuring that your property will not be greatly damaged by tenants whom you do not trust. When you find great tenants, hold on to them. Here are five tips that will help you retain great tenants.

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Top Tips for Finding Good Tenants

By Green River Property Management | September 7, 2018

Owning an investment property can be a great way to earn some short-term cash flow while also building a lot of long-term wealth. When you are looking to own investment real estate, there are many different important decisions that need to be made. One of the most important overall decisions that need to be made is when you try to pick new tenants for your property. There are a variety of tips that could help you to find and pick great tenants for your property.

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