How Listing Photos Win or Lose Good Tenants

By Green River Property Management | May 9, 2019

Finding and retaining quality tenants is part of the landlord life. To make the most of your rental properties, work your business to reduce vacancies. Part of the formula for finding great renters is making sure your property listings look and sound attractive for the right tenants. 

Your home's listing photos are the eye-candy that draws in your best tenants. The best property photos can retain a viewer's attention for up to 20 seconds. Bad photos can send a looker scrolling in about two seconds. 

Maybe photography isn't your thing or wasn't a skill you thought you needed for property management in Jacksonville, FL. Don't worry! Check out our best tips for creating better quality listing photos.  

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How to Win Tenants with Your Property Listing

By Green River Property Management | May 2, 2019

When you're a landlord, your rental property's listing is probably one of the most important things you'll ever write. 

How you describe your property can attract—or repel—quality tenants

You could have the most beautiful house on the street. It's packed with desirable amenities. The house is every renter's dream home. 

But if you fail to describe it in a way that catches the attention of an excellent tenant, your home will sit empty. An empty property means you're losing money. 

An effective property listing for your Jacksonville area home doesn't have to stress you out. Today we'll walk through what makes a property listing that works. 

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Take the Stress out of Resolving Reasonable Accommodations

By Green River Property Management | April 25, 2019

Do you get nervous when a tenant requests an accommodation for a disability? There's no need to fear this situation! 

When a tenant requests an accommodation for a disability, you have options. 

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Can't-Miss Items for Your Rental Property Taxes

By Green River Property Management | April 18, 2019

It's common for landlords to pay too much in taxes each year. Leaving out important deductions can cost you money when it comes to tax time. We've covered many of the most common deductions to remember as you prepare your taxes.

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How a Property Management Team Can Help Grow Your Realty Business

By Green River Property Management | April 11, 2019



If you’re a new realtor in Jacksonville, FL there are many ways to grow your business, but ultimately it boils down to building relationships over the long term.  These relationships will be with clients, contractors, decorators, and even property management teams.  

Building these relationships is essential to growing your reputation as more than a realtor looking for a commission, but a resource for all things housing.  If you’re able to gain the trust of those in the business, they will return that trust with recommendations and referrals, not only helping you to grow your business but sustain it over the long run.

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Realtor Referral Programs: Building Your Reputation and Your Business

By Green River Property Management | April 4, 2019


As a realtor, your reputation is everything.  Though much research is done online, a realtor gains as much business by word of mouth as they can through their online and marketing presence.  That’s why partnering with a great property management company can be a great long-term investment as well as a way to score immediate benefits.

Referral programs provide you and your client flexibility in a less than ideal housing market as well show your ability to be a resource to them in their time of need.  When a realtor can provide reliable options to selling it builds your client’s trust in you, which will build your reputation and your business.

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Accommodating Tenants Rights: A Brief Guide

By Green River Property Management | March 28, 2019

Property management in Jacksonville, like anywhere in the US, falls under the Fair Housing Act.  Even the best-intentioned landlords can find it difficult managing tenants’ rights.

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Property Management and Tax Deductions - a Guide

By Green River Property Management | March 21, 2019



As a landlord, you'll owe taxes on your Jacksonville, Fl investment properties. Are you prepared? Do you know everything you can deduct for your business? 

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A Professional Maintenance Staff is Key to a Successful Investment

By Green River Property Management | March 14, 2019

Owning an investment property in the Jacksonville or surrounding areas can be a significant side income, a way to set aside funds for retirement, or a brand-new business venture.   But what is the best way to ensure the return on your investment?

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How to Spot Professional Tenants

By Green River Property Management | March 7, 2019



Have you heard of "professional" tenants? Beware these renters who appear too good to be true. 

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